VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 8-9 - 2012

Role of emergency thoracic ultrasonography in spontaneous pneumomediastinum. Two case report

  • Russo A., Del Vecchio C., Zaottini A., Giangregorio C.
  • Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 285-296
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  • Early identification of spontaneous pneumomediastinum in an Emergency Department is possible with thoracic ultrasound. We report two cases of spontaneous pneumomediastinum, diagnosed in a 26-year old man with chronic asthma and a 19-year old athlete, and discuss the role of thoracic US alongside conventional X-ray and thoracic CT in emergency medicine. The patients were transferred to an Emergency Department, where conservative treatment produced a good outcome. The greater sensitivity and specificity of thoracic US over conventional supine X-ray in the detection of occult pneumothorax is ever more appreciated. However, training in the diagnosis of pneumomediastinum is required.

  • KEY WORDS: Pneumomediastinum - Ultrasound - Emergency.