VOLUME 41 - NUMBER 1 - 2020

Relief of hemorrhoid symptoms: pilot study of a new topical ally

  • Gaj F., Bianchi F.P., Passannanti D., Telesco D.
  • Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 118-125
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  • Aim. The pathogenesis of hemorrhoids involves vascular congestion, fragmentation of supporting tissues and, in many cases, increased resting anal pressure. A new ointment (Hemolen®) has been devised to control hemorrhoids symptoms acting on all the pathophysiologic mechanisms involved.

    Methods. Pilot study on patients with grade I-III hemorrhoids. The ointment was applied twice daily for 30 days and follow-up visits were scheduled 7 days (T1), 14 days (T2) and 30 days (T3) after recruitment (T0). Signs and symptoms (bleeding, discomfort, itching, edema, thrombosis, congestion, inflammation, pain) were evaluated at each visit using dedicated scores and VAS scale. Resting anal pressure was measured at time T0, 1 hour after the first application and at T1. Use of painkiller was recorded.

    Results. 48 patients (25 females; mean age 47±15.8 years) were enrolled; 52.1% of them had II degree hemorrhoids and 27.1% had III degree hemorrhoids. The severity scores significantly dropped from T0 to each scheduled visit and a significant reduction of resting anal pressure was observed from T0 to 1 hour after application (z=13.5; p<0.001) and from T0 to T1 (z=6; p<0.001). The comparison of the resting pressure among whole time series showed a significant reduction (Fr=124.4; p=<0.001). Use of pain-killers decreased significantly from T0 to T1 (p<0.001) and from T1 to T2 (p=0.001). Conclusion. The new ointment tested in the present study is safe and effective for the management of hemorrhoid symptoms in the early stages hemorrhoids, during the acute phases and in patients with more severe hemorrhoids awaiting surgery. Prospective, randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm these encouraging results.

  • KEY WORDS: Hemorrhoids - Hemorrhoidal disease - Hemorrhoidal crisis - Anal pressure - Anal tone - Topical drugs - Ointment - Conservative treatment