VOLUME 41 - NUMBER 1 - 2020

Systemic immune response after open tension-free inguinal hernia repair under different anesthetic alternatives: a prospective comparative study

  • Symeonidis D., Diamantis A., Baloyiannis I., Tzovaras G., Tepetes K.
  • Clinical practice, 103-109
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  • Purpose. The purpose of the present study was a comparison of the systemic inflammatory response intensity through the estimation of C- reactive protein and albumin levels before and after open tension free inguinal hernia repair performed under different anesthetic alternatives.

    Patients and methods. Totally, 125 inguinal hernia patients scheduled for unilateral primary open tension free inguinal repair unRomader local (50 patients), spinal (50 patients) and general anesthesia (25 patients) have been included in this prospective study.

    Results. The group of local anesthesia was associated with the higher postoperative serum levels of albumin compared to the group of general anesthesia (P 0.013). Local anesthesia was also associated with higher postoperative serum albumin levels compared to regional anesthesia but however the difference was not statistically significant (P 0.282). The group of local anesthesia was also associated with the lower postoperative levels of CRP compared to the regional (P 0.0094) and general anesthesia (P 0.0009) groups. Conclusion. Local anesthesia proved superior to regional or general anesthesia for open tension free inguinal hernia repair in the given patient sample from the standpoint of the inflammatory and acute phase response.

  • KEY WORDS: Systemic immune response - Open inguinal hernia repair - Tension free - Local anesthesia.