VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 6 - 2019

Amyand’s hernia with acute phlegmonous appendicitis: case report

  • D'Amata G., Del Papa M., Palmieri I., Florio G., Musmeci L., Manzi F., Del Vecchio C., Carnì P., Crovaro M., Buonocore V.
  • Clinical practice, 587-589
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  • Any inguinal hernia containing the vermiform appendix is called Amyand’s hernia. Amyand hernias are very rare and even rarer is the association of Amyand hernia with acute appendicitis. Due to the rarity of this entity, it constitutes a challenging case in terms of diagnosis and treatment. The surgical management is not yet standardized and there are no clear guidelines. There are some controversies regarding whether to perform an appendectomy if appendix appears normal or whether mesh can be used for the hernia repair if appendectomy is performed. We describe a case of Amyand hernia in a 90-year old man with acute appendicitis and we review current literature regarding surgical strategy.

  • KEY WORDS: Amyand Hernia - Acute appendicitis - Hernia repair.