VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 6 - 2019

“Falling down”: a retroperitoneal catastropheC

  • Gelmi C.A.E., Frattini C., Birindelli A., Segalini E., Coniglio C., Gourgiotis S., Tugnoli G., Di Saverio S.
  • Clinical practice, 535-538
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  • Hemoperitoneum due to ruptured retroperitoneal varices is an extremely rare condition and a poor prognostic sign with a catastrophic and life-threatening situation. Early recognition affords appropriate management and urgent surgical intervention in order to favor the survival rate. In this case report we accurately describe the complex clinical course of a 56-year old woman with retroperitoneal varices, who few months earlier had a chest trauma with multiple left lower rib fractures and 10 years earlier she underwent to ovarian hyperstimulation for an ovulation induction. She was taken to the emergency room for a fainting episode with signs of a clear hemodinamic shock without a present history of trauma. The intricacy of this case was mostly due to the choice of the correct management, where the damage control resuscitation turned out to have an important role.

  • KEY WORDS: Spontaneous hemoperitoneum - Retroperitoneal varices - Surgical management - Damage control.