VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 6 - 2019

Coexistance of a well differentiated liposarcoma and dedifferentiated low grade myxofibrosarcoma of the scrotum. A rare case and review of the literature

  • Xenaki S., Panagiotakis G., Lagoudaki H., Tzardi M., Chrysos E., Petrakis J.
  • Clinical practice, 526-529
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  • Liposarcoma is a malignant soft tissue sarcoma usually located in the thigh or the posterior peritoneum in an adult. However, the occurrence of liposarcoma, and indeed a coexistance with scrotal myxofibrosarcoma, is rare. We present an interesting case of a 56-year old male who presented with an inguinal hernia. During the operation a massive fibro-elastic mass located within the left scrotum was noticed which deposited the testicle upward by displacing it into a sack rather than the penis. The mass did not come into contact with the spermatic cord but alongside it the existence of the blood vessels of the mass was found. The histopathological examination revealed a well differentiated liposarcoma along with dedifferentiated low grade myxofibrosarcoma.

  • KEY WORDS: Liposarcoma - Myxofibrosarcoma - Hernia.