VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 5 - 2019

Observational study: the use of the Ventralight Echo PS (positioning system) prosthesis in the treatment of incisional hernia

  • Zanghì G., Rinzivillo N., Lodato M., Dionigi G., Romano G., Leanza V.
  • Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 450-454
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  • The treatment of incisional hernias, especially those that are multiple or recurring, has always represented important challenges for surgeons. An incisional hernia is a mechanical damage of the abdominal wall that can result in respiratory problems and alterations of splanchnic circulation, especially when in large size hernias. The increasing availability of prostheses with greater resistance Romato infections and tension, lightness, biocompatibility, and reduced visceral adhesions has improved outcomes and minimized relapses. It is still important, however, to carefully choose the type of prosthesis and surgical technique, whether laparotomic or laparoscopic, correlated to the positioning site of the prosthesis. In this observational study we report the results and outcomes of 50 patients surgically treated for incisional hernia in our hospital. The surgical technique used to repair the hernias was laparoscopic with the use of the Ventralight Echo PS. This prosthesis is equipped with a comfortable and innovative pneumatic system that facilitates its positioning during surgery. In our experience, it has brought undeniable advantages for the treatment of incisional hernias and for all patients with parietal defects who could benefit from laparoscopic treatment.

  • KEY WORDS: Incisional hernia - Laparoscopic technique - Ventralight Echo PS.