VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 5 - 2019

Intracesarean removal of two huge fibroids occupying the whole uterine fundus: a case report

  • Leanza V., Monteleone M.M., Ciotta L., Palumbo M.A., Vecchio R., Zanghì G., Leanza G.
  • Clinical practice, 433-436
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  • Uterine fibroid is an estrogen-dependent mass growing during pregnancy. Caesarean myomectomy (CM) is a controversial procedure. A 35-year-old obese (106 Kg) patient gravida 2 para1 (caesarean section), undergoing caesarean section, had two myomas occupying the whole uterine fundus (104.2 mm and 50 mm respectively). Intracesarean myomectomy was carried out after extraction foetus (Apgar score: 9/10). Postoperative course was uneventful and patient was discharged after four days.

  • KEY WORDS: Cesarean myomectomy - Cesarean section - Uterine fibroid - Intramural leiomyoma.