VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 5 - 2019

A dramatic and rare complication: bowel perforation following abdominal liposuction

  • Giordano A., Alemanno G., Bici K., Prosperi P., Viligiardi R., Bisogni D., Iacopini V., Dibella A., Valeri A.
  • Clinical practice, 429-432
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  • Aim. The purpose of this study is to analyze a rare and under-reported complication of abdominal liposuction and the role of laparoscopy.

    Clinical case. We report a case of bowel perforation after 7 days of abdominal liposuction and bilateral mastopexy. The patient presented clinical and radiological findings of bowel obstructive syndrome and bilateral peripheral pulmonary embolism. An emergency diagnostic laparoscopy was performed and confirmed the diagnosis of bowel perforation.

    Discussion. Bowel perforation is a known but under-reported comSOD Romaplication of abdominal liposuction, and it is characterized by a difficult diagnosis. The clinical presentation is characterized by a difficult diagnosis and severe complications. Bowel obstructive syndrome was constant, as our case and also peritonitis was never frank. This is an important point because it is one of the reasons for diagnostic delay. The development of laparoscopic surgery has changed the way to manage such conditions, where the diagnosis was doubt. In particular, when an acute abdomen occurs, laparoscopy may have three different roles: to confirm or not the diagnosis, to facilitate and guide a subsequent laparotomy or, finally, to entirely treat the disease.

    Conclusion. The bowel perforation is a dramatic and underestimated complication of abdominal liposuction. Diagnosis is complex. A clinical and radiological investigation should be quickly performed. In doubtful cases, an emergency laparoscopy can confirm the diagnosis and guide a possible subsequent laparotomy.

  • KEY WORDS: Bowel perforation - Laparoscopy - Liposuction.