VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 5 - 2019

Processing techniques of the adipose tissue: centrifugation vs decantation

  • Rizzo M.I., Alessi M., Monarca C., Zama M.
  • Original Article, 421-425
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  • The processing techniques of the adipose tissue represents one of the most debated topics. There are different processing techniques. As of today, the standard considered procedure is the centri1Romafugaton according to Coleman. In addition, other procedures include decantation/sedimentation, filtration and water jet force, which offer the specialist valid alternatives. In the present review, the clinical evidence of the techniques of centrifugation and decantation will be evaluated by studying histological data; maintenance of tropism and the maintenance of mesenchymal cells. These two aspects are different in the centrifugation and decantation techniques.

  • KEY WORDS: Adipose tissue - Processing techniques - Centrifugation - Decantation - Sedimentation - Mesenchymal cells.