VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 5 - 2019

Life-threatening bleeding for a large cameron ulcer. A novel description of a tailored-surgical strategy: report of a case and literature overview

  • Bisogni D., Valeri A., Talamucci L., Manetti R., Giordano A.B.F., Ardu M., Naspetti R., Prosperi P.
  • Original Article, 398-404
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  • Hiatal hernias (HHs) are usually divided into two main groups: sliding and para-esophageal (torsional) ones. Sometimes patients presenting HHs experience progressive anemia, whereas rarely an acute anemia with melena or hematemesis can occur. In such cases a Cameron ulcer should be suspected and a careful esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (EGDS) with a meticulous inspection of the mucosal folds along the neck of the hernia is the best examination in order to find out the ulcer itself. In front of massive hemorrhage due to a Cameron erosion, the first aim should be the control of the bleeding itself, in order to ree1Romastablish hemodynamic stability. The Authors report the case of a 72-year-old man presenting a severe bleeding secondary to a large Cameron ulcer in a para-esophageal hiatal hernia. Firstly, a combined medical-endoscopic therapy was tried; the patient underwent transfusions of pooled red blood cells and endovenous anti-acid therapy combined with an operative endoscopic treatment; unfortunately this initial approach failed, therefore the patient was referred to surgery. The surgeons realized a minimally invasive atypical gastric resection associated with the HH repair; the post-operative course was uneventful and no other rebleeding episodes occurred. The urgency treatment of a life-threatening bleeding for Cameron ulcers remains a very challenging problem as no univocal and standardized recommendation has been described in literature since now. In this case-report the Authors make an overview of the current literature on the treatment of Cameron ulcers, describing a novel surgical technique for massive upper gastro-intestinal bleeding secondary to these lesions.

  • KEY WORDS: Large Cameron ulcer - Life-threatening bleeding - Endoscopic treatment - Minimally invasive atypical gastric resection.