VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 41 - 2019

Enhanced recovery pathways in colorectal surgery: a consensus paper by the Associazione Chirurghi Ospedalieri Italiani (ACOI) and the PeriOperative Italian Society (POIS)

  • Ficari F., Borghi F., Catarci M., Scatizzi M., Alagna V., Bachini I., Baldazzi G., Bardi U., Benedetti M., Beretta L., Bertocchi E., Caliendo D., Campagnacci R., Cardinali A., Carlini M., Cascella M., Cassini D.,Ciotti Simona, Cirio A., Coata P., Conti D., Del Rio P., Di Marco C., Ferla L., Fiorindi C., Garulli G., Genzano C., Guercioni G., Marra B., Maurizi A., Monzani R. Pace U., Pandolfini L., Parisi A., Pavanello M., Pecorelli N., Pellegrino L., Persiani R., Pirozzi F., Pirreras B., Rizzo A., Rolfo M., Romagnoli S., Ruffo G., Sciuto A., Marini P.
  • Consensus Paper, 01-40
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  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathway is a multi-di-sciplinary, patient-centered protocol relying on the implementation of the best evidence-based perioperative practice. In the field of colorectal surgery, the application of ERAS programs is associated with up to 50% reduction of morbidity rates and up to 2.5 days reduction of postoperative hospital stay. However, widespread adoption of ERAS pathways is still yet to come, mainly because of the lack of proper information and communication. Purpose of this paper is to support the diffusion of ERAS pathways through a critical review of the existing evidence by members of the two national societies dealing with ERAS pathways in Italy, the PeriOperative Italian Society (POIS) and the Associazione Italiana Chirurghi Ospedalieri (ACOI), showing the results of a consensus development conference held at Matera, Italy, during the national ACOI Congress on June 10, 2019

  • KEY WORDS: Colorectal surgery - ERAS.