VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 4 - 2019

An alternative management of a Littré hernia case: food for thought

  • Schizas D., Katsaros I., Koliakos N., Ntomi V., Tsilimigras D.I., Moris D., Misiakos E.P., Zavras N., Bakopoulos A.
  • Clinical practice, 360-363
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  • Aim. We present a novel approach to a Littré hernia case. Case report. A 62-year old male presented at our department with a painless mass in the inguinal area and was successfully treated for an inguinal Littré hernia. A Lichtenstein tension-free mesh repair was used without performing simultaneous diverticulectomy. Discussion. Resection of an asymptomatic Meckel’s diverticulum remains a controversial issue. In adult population, leaving an accidentally found silent Meckel’s diverticula in situ could reduce the risk of postoperative complications without increasing late complications. Mesh-based techniques provide lower recurrence rates compared to non-mesh techniques. Conclusions. Management of asymptomatic Littré hernias presents a challenge for the operating surgeon. Treatment guidelines should be developed for the optimal management of these patients.

  • KEY WORDS: Littré hernia - Meckel’s diverticulum - Inguinal hernia - Rare hernia - Case report.