VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 4 - 2019

Left colon interposition for esophageal reconstruction after perforation by metal blades ingestion: a case report

  • Bizzoca C., Pisicchio S., Torchia G., Vincenti L.
  • Clinical practice, 355-359
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  • Esophageal reconstruction with colonic or jejunal segment is a second choice treatment when the stomach is injured or not adequate for use. These reconstructions, whether pedicled or as free jejunal graft, are technically demanding and they are associated with high rate of morbidity and mortality. Complications are mainly due to insufficient blood supply and therefore anastomotic leak or stricture and graft necrosis. We describe the case of a 51-year-old psychiatric man with diagnosis of esophageal perforation after ingestion of metallic razor blades for suicide intent. The patient was treated at an outside hospital with endoscopic removal of the blades and apposition of endoscopic clips, be cause of esophageal mucosal perforation. Nevertheless, he developed a septic status caused by mediastinitis. The patient underwent several interventions to solve the sepsis and after complete recovery he was referred to our Department for esophageal reconstruction. During surgery we found that the stomach was unavailable for reconstruction, therefore a left colonic interposition pedicled on the left colic vessels was performed through the retrosternal route. During the postoperative course the patient developed acute respiratory failure and suppuration of the cervical wound. The postoperative course was complicated because of the poor compliance of the patient due to his psychiatric disorder. He was discharged in postoperative day (POD) 42 in good clinical conditions, on oral-only diet. Colonic interposition through the retrosternal route after esophagectomy is a technically demanding procedure, associated with high morbidity and mortality, but it is a feasible option when the stomach is not available for reconstruction.

  • KEY WORDS: Esophageal reconstruction - Left colon interposition - Esophageal perforation - Case report.