VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 4 - 2019

Gossypiboma in abdomen: retained surgical gauze after a cesarean section

  • Bilali V., Bilali S., Mitrushi A., Pirushi R., Nina H., Ktona E.
  • Clinical practice, 338-342
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  • A mass formed around a cotton matrix left within the body is termed gossypiboma or textiloma. It is a rare complication of surgery most commonly seen after abdominal surgery. The time of presentation may range from early post-operative period to several decades later. We herein report on a case of gossypiboma. A 42-year old woman admitted to our hospital with abdominal mass. She had undergone a caesarean operation 2 years previously. The mass in the right quadrant was suspected by abdominal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. The mass was removed by laparoscopy excision and the final diagnosis was gossypiboma.

  • KEY WORDS: Gossypiboma - Gauze - Surgery.