VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 4 - 2019

A rare case of trichilemmal ovarian carcinoma. Case report and review of the literature

  • Leanza V., Nobile V., Galvagno C., Di Grazia F.M., Palumbo M., Leanza G.
  • Clinical practice, 334-337
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  • Trichilemmal ovarian carcinoma is very rare. A 52-years-old woman was admitted to University Hospital Department suffering from pain in the left iliaca fossa lasting for three months. Uterus was normal in size, painless as well as right adnexum. On the left site ovary was increased in volume and slightly sore. Transvaginal ultrasounds showed a 97x65x86 mm mixed vascularized unilocular mass. CT scan detected a pelvic expansion with a heterogeneous density due to the presence of different structures varying from fat to bone tissue. A proper informed consent was obtained and a suprapubic transversal laparotomy according to Pfannenstiel was carried out. Ovarian mass and ipsilateral tube were removed with no rupture. The anatomical extemporaneous result was of benign dermoid cyst. The postoperative course was uneventful and after three days the patient was discharged in regular conditions and was recommended to come for final anatomical result. Following a month, the final histological answer was of 15 mm trichilemmal malignant tumor in a context of a large benign dermoid cyst. The neoplastic lesion appears to be entirely contained within the limits of the swollen mass. The outer surface was with no lesions. A case of trichilemmal malignant tumor involving ovary has not been published so far.

  • KEY WORDS: Trichilemmal tumor - Ovarian cancer - Adnexial cyst - Dermoid cyst - Teratoma.