VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 4 - 2019

Small bowel occlusion after trans-abdominal preperitoneal hernia approach caused by barbed suture: case report and review of literature

  • Sartori A., De Luca M., Clemente N., De Luca A., Scaffidi G., Piatto G., Noaro G., Campagnaro C.
  • Clinical practice, 322-324
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  • Background. Groin hernioplasty is the most performed intervention in the adults worldwide. Small bowel occlusion after hernioplasty with anterior approach is an unusual complication because the peritoneum is not opened during this procedure. However during TAPP the closure of the peritoneal flap is mandatory. In literature some cases of small bowel occlusion related to the barbed suture for the closure the peritoneum are reported.

    Methods. Here we describe a case of a 64-year old male with small bowel obstruction after TAPP caused by the barbed suture used for peritoneal closure.

    Results. Intrabdominal use of self-anchoring suture is controversial. Some studies reported good results by using this device, while others from gynecologists describe bowel occlusion and volvulus caused by barbed suture.

    Conclusions. Self-anchoring device is innovative and reduces operation time. It is most important to know the correct use of this device to reduce some possible troubles.

  • KEY WORDS: TAPP - Barbed suture - Small bowel occlusion