VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 4 - 2019

Nuck canal cyst involving right femoral vein: management and therapy of a rare clinical case

  • Leanza V., D'antoni S., Lo Presti V., Zanghì G., Vecchio R., Leanza G., Basile F.
  • Clinical practice, 318-321
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  • We present a very rare case of a 49-year old woman suffering from Nuck canal cyst reaching and compressing femoral vein. Nuck canal cyst is very uncommon event because the pouch accompanying the gubernaculum during intrauterine descent of ovaries usually obliterates, whereas when it persists a cystic cavity containing citrine fluid develops. A gravid 0 para 0 49 old woman was admitted to Catania University Surgery Department owing to suspected lymphatic tumor compressing right femoral vein and causing groin pain with ipsilateral leg partial stasis. Patient believed right venous stasis was due to fibromatous uterus. Ultrasounds and computed tomography (CT) scan defined size (7.1 × 4.2 × 1.5 cm), structure (cystic) of mass and its relation with femoral vein, although they were not diriment for diagnosing its nature. Color Doppler detected circulatory function of compressed femoral vein. Surgery was challenging and Nuck cyst was removed after accurate separation from the right femoral venous walls. A case of Nuck cyst involving femoral vein has never been reported so far.

  • KEY WORDS: Rectal cancer - Canal of Nuck - Hydrocele - Cyst - Groin - Sonography - Magnetic resonance imaging.