VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 4 - 2019

Nasal flap or cutaneous grafting in basal cell cancer of the nose. Comparison of two reconstructive possibilities

  • Vergine M., Frusone F., De Luca A., Aceti V., Marcasciano M., Amabile M.I., Monti M.
  • Original Article, 298-303
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  • Background. Basal cell cancer is a malignant tumor of the skin most common in Caucasians and more common in the areas of the head and neck. At the moment there are many suggested treatment methods, however the surgical approach remains the technique most often applied. It includes excision of the oncological safety margins and the subsequent reconstructive phase can utilize local flaps or cutaneous grafts. This study aims to select the best technique for the reconstructive phase after removal of basal cell cancer from the region of the nasal pyramid, evaluation was made in terms of functional performance and aesthetics. We have evaluated 30 patients, of whom 15 treated with cutaneous grafting and 15 with flaps.

  • KEY WORDS: Basal cell carcinoma - Flap - Cutaneous graft.