VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 3 - 2019

Pseudomixoma peritonei associated with appendiceal cistoadenoma rupture: case report

  • Solinas L., Sagnotta A., Chessa A., Fiorini A., Battaglia B., Di Cosimo C., Notarangelo M.G., Hassan R., Leone L., Mancini S.
  • Clinical practice, 213-216
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  • Appendiceal mucocele represents specimen finding in 0.2-0.3% out of appendectomies. The rupture or perforation in peritoneal cavity might cause pseudomixoma peritonei (PMP), with multiple mucinous deposits in the abdominal cavity. We report a case of PMP caused by a perforated appendiceal cistoadeonoma.

  • KEY WORDS: Pseudomixoma peritonei - Appendiceal mucocele - Appendiceal cistoadenoma - Rupture - Surgery