VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 2 - 2019

Choroidal metastasis from lung adenocarcinoma: a rare case report

  • Porrello C., Gullo R., Gagliardo C.M., Vaglica A., Palazzolo M., Giangregorio F., Iadicola D., Profita G., Lo Faso F., Tomasello G., Carini F., Cocorullo G.
  • Clinical practice, 137-140
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  • The choroid is the most common site for intraocular metastatic di sease. Orbital metastasis as metastatic site of lung adenocarcinoma is very rare and in literature a very exiguous number of cases is present. This is a case report of a woman with history of lung adenocarcinoma and, after surgery, detection of a choroidal mass described as lung metastasis, responding to Gefinitib therapy. However a biopsy was not performed. After two years there was a great dimension decrement of the lung metastasis but she is still suffering from recurrent pleural effusion, with pleural thickenings biopsied and diagnosed as recurrences of disease.

  • KEY WORDS: Lung metastasis - Choroidal metastasis - Lung adenocarcinoma - Orbital biopsy.