VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 2 - 2019

Recurrent giant Brunner’s gland adenoma

  • Rodriguez-Quintero J.H., Santes O., Morales-Maza J., Clemente-Gutierrez U., Sanchez-Garcia Ramos E., Cortés-Gonzalez R.
  • Clinical practice, 127-131
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  • Benign duodenal tumours are extremely rare, with an incidence of 0.008% among general population; those originating from Brunner's Gland represent 11% of this neoplasms. Most cases remain asymptomatic and are often diagnosed during routine endoscopic procedures, however their clinical presentation may be variable making resection treatment of choice in order to prevent complications. Recurrence has not been reported previously on literature.

    59-year-old male presented to the emergency department nine months following endoscopic resection of a 2x1.5cm Brunner’s gland adenoma complaining of bloating, weight loss and gastro intestinal bleeding, diagnostic approach revealed a 10x4cm mass occupying the duodenum. Tumour size did not allow for endoscopic resection and surgical removal was performed with excellent outcome and no further recurrence at 30 months.

  • KEY WORDS: Endoscopic surgery - Duodenal tumours - Gastrointestinal neoplasia - Brunner’s gland adenoma.