VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 2 - 2019

Effectiveness of a preventive bundle of measures for reducing surgical site infections in patients undergoing elective orthopedic procedures in a Hellenic Air Force Hospital

  • Kritikou G., Avgerinos K.I., Koutserimpas C., Sourri F., Hatzigeorgiou D., Kottaridi C., Bountouris I.
  • Original Article, 120-126
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  • Background. Bundles of preventive measures may improve patient outcomes. The aim of this study is to investigate if a surgical site infections (SSIs) preventive bundle in orthopedic surgery patients can result in reduction of such infections, hospitalization length and cost.

    Methods. The present is a retrospective cohort study. A total of 1299 patients was admitted to hospital for an elective orthopedic procedure during 2012-2015. The patients were subjected to either an integrated three-stage SSIs preventive protocol or standard preventive measures. The two groups were compared for incidence of SSIs, median hospitalization length and median cost.

    Results. The incidence of SSIs was lower in the new-protocol group, when compared to the old protocol one (p=0.102). Median (md) hospitalization length was significantly lower in the new protocol group (md = 2) compared to “old-protocol” group (md= 5) [U = 280520, p<0.001]. Regarding arthroscopies, the median cost in the new protocol patients (md= 1500) was significantly lower compared to “old-protocol” patients (md= 1585) [(U= 112660), p < 0.001]. Knee arthroplasties’ median costs did not differ (both mds= 4400, U = 2002, p > 0.05). For hip arthroplasties, the new protocol’s patient median cost (md= 3000) was significantly lower than that of “old-protocol” (md = 4000) [U = 19680, p < 0.001].

    Conclusions. The use of a bundle of measures for the prevention of SSIs in a hospital’s orthopedic operations proved effective, since it resulted in substantial decrease of SSIs, statistically significant decreased hospitalization length, as well as cost.

  • KEY WORDS: Orthopaedic surgical infections - Surgical site infections - Infections after arthroplasty.