VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 2 - 2019

Postoperative complications, pain and quality of life after thoracoscopic or thoracotomic lobectomy for lung cancer

  • Porrello C., Scerrino G., Vaglica A., Palazzolo M., Gagliardo C.M., Giangregorio F., Iadicola D., Tomasello G., Lo Faso F., Kawamukai K., Lacava N., Carini F., Cocorullo G., Gullo R.
  • Original Article, 115-119
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  • Aim. Thoracoscopic lobectomy is superior to thoracotomy, but the evidence for this assumption is low. We present a comparison between thoracotomy and thoracoscopy in term of postoperative complications, mortality, postoperative pain, hospital stay and quality of life.

    Patients and methods. This is a retrospective analysis of 224 lobectomies in 24-months. 128 patients (57.1%) were operated by thoracotomy; 96 patients (42.9%) by videothoracoscopy.

    Results. Major complications were observed in 4/128 (3.1%) in thoracotomy group and in 1/96 (1%) in thoracoscopy. Minor complications were observed in 38/128 patients (29.7%) in the thoracotomy, and in 16/96 (16.7%) thoracoscopy. Thoracoscopy patients had a shorter hospital stay.

    Conclusion. Our study shows an advantage of thoracoscopy over thoracotomy but further studies are needed.

  • KEY WORDS: Lobectomy - Thoracoscopy - Thoracotomy - Lung cancer - Quality of life - Complications.