VOLUME 40 - NUMBER 1 - 2019

Open inguinal hernia repair with self-gripping Parietex ProGrip mesh: a retrospective study of 204 cases

  • Del Papa M., D'Amata G., Manzi F., Carnì P., Florio G., Crovaro M., Musmeci L., Buonocore C.
  • Original Article, 26-31
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  • Chronic pain and recurrence rates are the main challenge in modern inguinal hernia surgery. Several trials have investigated the role of self-adhesive mesh repair for inguinal hernia, with special attention to the incidence of chronic postoperative inguinal pain and recurrence. The purpose of our study was to retrospectively evaluate the early and long-term results using a self-gripping mesh (Parietex Progrip® , Covidien) in our institution. A total of 204 patients, mean age 50.3 standard deviation (SD) 15.3, was included in the study. The repair was performed under local anaesthesia in 159 (78%) cases and locoregional anaesthesia in remaining 45 (22%). Mean operative time was 39 ± 20 minutes. The time for self-gripping mesh placement ranged from 5 to 9 minutes (mean 7 ± 2 minutes). There were no intraoperative complications. Clinical follow-up was performed at 1 month, 1 year and 2 years and consisted in the evaluation of complications, discomfort/pain and recurrence. One case of cutaneous infection and three cases of seroma were observed at one-month follow-up and were all treated conservatively. 8 patients were lost at one year follow-up, and another 4 were lost at 2 years. 3 patients died for other causes during follow-up. At 1 year and 2 years follow-up no cases of seroma, testicular complications or mesh infection were observed. Two cases of recurrence were recorded at 2 years follow up. No patient reported VAS score > 2 at one month, 1 year and 2 years follow-up. There were no readmissions, systemic complications or death during 2 years follow-up. Lichtenstein open repair using Parietex Progrip® mesh is a simple, rapid, effective and safe method for inguinal hernia repair. The main advantage of self-fixing mesh is the reduced operative time. A suturless fixation seems to prevent the development of postoperative chronic pain, without increasing recurrence rate in the majority of the trials.

  • KEY WORDS: Inguinal hernia - Open repair - Pain - Parietex ProGrip.