VOLUME 39 - NUMBER 5 - 2018

Acute diverticulitis in patients under 50 years of age

  • Spiridakis K.G., Intzepogazoglou D.S., Flamourakis M.E., Sfakianakis E.E., Gkionis I.G., Strataki K.G., Tsagataki E.S., Kostakis G.E., Christodoulakis M.S.
  • Clinical practice, 319-322
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  • Acute diverticulitis typically occurs in patients over 80 years old. The last five years we observed an increased incidence of acute diverticulitis in patients under 50 years. The aim of this study is to evaluate the increased rate of patients under 50 years that are hospitalized due to acute diverticulitis. Also, we aim to confirm the common symptoms for this disease and the laboratory data, the changes in dietary history (Mediterranean diet) and lifestyle and to calculate the differences in the treatment and the severity in the course of the disease, between younger (<50) and older (>50) patients.

    Patients and methods. From 2003 to 2008, 118 patients were admitted to our Surgical Department for acute diverticulitis. 32 patients were under 50 years old. In the next five year period (2008-2013) the number of patients under 50 that were admitted due to acute diverticulitis doubled to 183 with 102 patients being over 50 years and 61 patients under 50. For all these patients, the medical and dietary history, laboratory and clinical examinations, radiographic and endoscopic findings were recorded.

    Results. For patients aged over 50 years there is a predominance in male sex. Symptoms were the same in both groups and no difference in treatment was noted. Furthermore, readmission and recurrence rates were the same for both groups. The condition was equally aggressive in both groups. The only difference observed was increased obesity rate for patients under 50 and variation from the traditional Mediterranean diet to western diet habits.

    Conclusions. Although our study has limitations it seems that new cases of diverticular disease in patients have increased due to dietary changes, but treatment and severity have remained the same.

  • KEY WORDS: Diverticulitis - Surgery - Young patients.