VOLUME 39 - NUMBER 5 - 2018

Spontaneous bladder rupture mimicking a jejuno-ileal perforation

  • Monsellato I., Morello A., Argenio G., Canepa M.C., Lenti L.M., Priora F.
  • Clinical practice, 315-318
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  • Spontaneous urinary bladder perforation is a very rare disease. The main cause of urinary perforation, indeed, is a damage to the urinary bladder wall by blunt or penetrating trauma. There are only few idiopathic spontaneous rupture of urinary bladder (ISRUB) cases reported in the literature. Pre-operative diagnosis is very difficult due to similar symptoms, laboratory and imaging findings of a gastrointestinal perforation that is usually excluded intraoperatively. Herein we report a case of a 91-year-old man presented to the emergency department with a spontaneous bladder perforation mimicking an ileal perforation.

  • KEY WORDS: ISRUB-Bladder rupture - Ileal perforation - Laparoscopy - Jejunal perforation.