VOLUME 39 - NUMBER 3 - 2018

Small bowel intussusception due to malignant melanoma: primary lesion or metastases? A case report

  • De Monti M., Pacchiarini L., Cestaro G., Peloni G., Fasolini F.
  • Clinical practice, 184-187
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  • Intussusception is a rare condition in the adult population: it is responsible for 1% of all bowel obstructions. In most of intussusceptions a malignant tumor is involved; a lot of studies show that approximately 50% of malignant metastases causing small bowel intussusception are metastatic melanomas. In present paper a case of a small bowel intussusception probably due to metastases of an occult melanoma, in a 69-year-old patient, is presented. Surgery resection, careful research of possible primitive neoplasms and an accurate follow-up program has been the treatment of choice. All the investigations carried out did not allow to identify a possible primitive neoplasm. The last whole body PET carried out 44 months after surgery resulted disease-free.

  • KEY WORDS: melanoma - Bowel Intussusception - Case report.