VOLUME 39 - NUMBER 3 - 2018

Concomitant small cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder: a case report

  • Tornambè A., Aiello P.S.L., Tornambè G.
  • Clinical practice, 181-183
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  • Gallbladder cancer is the most frequent neoplasm originating from the extrahepatic biliary tract, with characteristics of late presentation and rapid progression. We report the case of a 58 years old female patient with concomitant small cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder, incidentally reported after a cholecystectomy performed for cholelithiasis. According to the stage of the disease, we performed a second surgical procedure with laparotomy, resection of the liver parenchyma IVb and V and regional lymphadenectomy. After multidisciplinary team consultation, the patient was not administrated chemotherapy. She was well followed up at our department and she is alive 12 month after surgery.

  • KEY WORDS: Neuroendocrine carcinoma - Gallbladder cancer - surgical oncology.