VOLUME 39 - NUMBER 3 - 2018

P-POSSUM score: a prognostic instrument for postoperative complications in Crohn’s disease

  • Falco N., Fontana T., Scrivano D., Tutino R., Licari L., Raspanti C., Melfa G.I., Cocorullo G.
  • Original Article, 166-172
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  • Aim. The purpose of this work is to demonstrate the correlation between the p-POSSUM score and the severity of Crohn’s Disease (CD) postoperative complications, evaluated by using the Clavien-Dindo score.

    Patients and methods. We have selected data of 22 patients (11 males, 11 females) that had been recovered in the Operative Unit of General Surgery of the University of Palermo General Hospital and undergone surgery for CD from 2010 to 2017. Results. Patients who underwent surgery for complicated CD was divided in three different group on the base of Clavien Dindo score, C1 (Clavien-Dindo ≤ 1), C2 (Clavien Dindo = 2), and C3 (Clavien Dindo ≥ 3). ANOVA one way statistic analysis was used to investigate the presence of statistic difference in the mean of p-POSSUM operative score between the three groups of patients who underwent surgery for complicated CD. Results show that the severity of postoperative complication after surgery for complicated CD is related to the value of p-POSSUM score (p = 0,004965).

    Conclusions. This study clearly demonstrates a statistic correlation between p-POSSUM operative score and the risk of occurrence of severe postoperative complications in patients with Crohn’s disease that had been undergone to surgical procedures of resection with ileostomy and percutaneous drainage.

  • KEY WORDS: Internet P-Possum score - Crohn’s disease - surgery complications.