VOLUME 38 - NUMBER 6 - 2017

Bowel perforation in Crohn's Disease: correlation between CDAI and Clavien-Dindo scores

  • Fontana T., Falco N., Torchia M., Tutino R., Gulotta G.
  • Clinical practice, 303-312
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  • Background. Many studies have elaborated different kind of activity indices for Crohn’s Disesase (CD) with the endpoint of univocally measure and evaluate the gravity of its lesions and symptoms.

    Aim. Purpose of this work is to study and define the correlation that runs between the preoperative score obtained at the Crohn’s Disease Activity Index, the occurrence of postoperative complications that will require re-intervention and the severity of the postoperative lesions evaluated using the Clavien-Dindo score. Patients and methods.We have collected and analyzed data from 23 patients (12 males, 11 females) that in a period that spans from 2010 to 2016 had been recovered in our Operative Unit and then undergone surgical treatment for the perforative complications of the CD.

    Results. The CDAI scores obtained for each patient and the data concerning their postoperative period have been analyzed using the ANOVA system. Results demonstrate the existence of a statistically signifying correlation (p = 0.0016) between the mean category’s CDAI score and the Clavien-Dindo classification.

    Conclusions. Despite the small number of patients that had been recruited and analyzed in our study, it clearly shows a statistically signifying correlation between CDAI scores higher than 150 points and the risk of occurrence of severe postoperative complications in patients that had been subjected to surgical procedures for perforative or abscessual complications in Crohn’s Disease.

  • KEY WORDS: Crohn - Crohn's disease - Bowel perforation - CDAI score - Clavien-dindo.