VOLUME 38 - NUMBER 6 - 2017

Unusual presentation of retroperitoneal Schwannoma: case report

  • Latino R., Bosco D., Frattallone M.E., Amico A., Lanteri R., Di Cataldo A.
  • Clinical practice, 295-298
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  • Schwannoma is a rare tumor that develops from the Schwann cells in the nerve sheath. A 42 years old woman was found incidentally to have a bulky mass in epigastric region. Abdominal ultrasonography CT and MRI have been of aid to know the position and size of the tumor. A massive capsulated retroperitoneal lesion was identified. It moved forward the hepatoduodenal ligament, inferior vena cava laterally and aorta medially. The mass is exte-riorized and detached from adhesions. There were no complications after the operation and the patient was discharged on the fourth post-operative day. The microscopically examina-tion showed features suggestive of Cellular Schwannoma. After 8 months during follow-up, the patient did not report any neurological deficit and control CT did not suggest the presence of recurrent disease.

  • KEY WORDS: Retroperitoneal Schwannoma - Incidentaloma - Benign tumors.