VOLUME 38 - NUMBER 1 - 2017

Deep SSI after mesh-mediated groin hernia repair: management and outcome in an Emergency Surgery Department

  • Salamone G., Licari L., Augello G., Campanella S., Falco N., Tutino R., Cocorullo G., Gullo R., Raspanti C., De Marco P., Porrello C., Profita G., Gulotta G.
  • Clinical practice, 41-45
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  • Aim. Mesh-mediated groin hernia repair is considered the goldstandard procedure. It has low recurrence rate. Rarely a deep Surgical Site Infection (SSI) is seen when a synthetic prosthesis is used.

    Case report. We describe a rare case of bilateral deep SSI after mesh-mediated groin hernia repair. Diagnosis was performed through the physical examination and radiological exams. Microbiological samples identified a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus responsible of the infection. Target therapy was performed and re-operation performed in order to remove the infected prosthesis and to apply a biological one to create the fibrous scaffold. During follow-up time, right side recurrence was observed. Tru-cut biopsy of fascia was obtained in order to identify the responsible of the recurrence.

    Conclusion. Combination of antibiotic therapy and surgical reoperation seems to be the correct way to approach the deep SSI after mesh-mediated groin hernia repair. The use of biological mesh after synthetic removal seems to improve the final outcome.

  • KEY WORDS: Groin hernia - Deep SSI - Meshes.