VOLUME 37 - NUMBER 4 - 2016

Chyloperitoneum associated with idiopathic pancreatitis: case report and review of the literature

  • D'Amata G., Rega M., Viola V., Bove V., Simeone P., Baiano G.
  • Clinical practice, 167-170
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  • Acute chylous peritonitis is defined as the onset of acute abdomen findings due to abrupt chylous fluid accumulation in the peritoneal space. A correct diagnosis of this condition is seldom made preoperatively. The optimal management of true chylous pancreatitis depends upon the underlying etiology. Thorough lavage of the abdomen and adequate drainage has proven to be an excellent treatment modality for acute chylous peritonitis, since resolution of chylous ascites usually occurs within the next few days. However, conservative treatment may be appropriate in selected cases. We present a case report and a brief review of the literature.

  • KEY WORDS: Acute chylous peritonitis - Laparoscopy - Acute abdomen - Acute pancreatitis.