VOLUME 37 - NUMBER 3 - 2016

An unexpected metastasis of breast cancer mimicking wheal rush

  • Damaskos C., Dimitroulis D., Pergialiotis V., Doula C., Koulermou G., Antoniou E.A., Frangoulis M., Stergios K., Kontzoglou K.
  • Clinical practice, 136-138
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  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and ranks second in cancer deaths worldwide. Breast cancer can metastasize to the skin but rarely, cutaneous metastases may be the first indication of the cancer. Skin metastases of breast cancer are usually found on the chest and close to the point of the mastectomy. We present the rare clinical entity of a breast cancer which was first diagnosed due to the skin metastasis away from the breast tumor. This is a rare case because the skin lesions usually appear simultaneously or secondary. Also, while the existing metastasis; the only symptom was the wheal rash.

  • KEY WORDS: Breast - Cancer - Metastasis - Wheal - Rash - Skin.