VOLUME 37 - NUMBER 3 - 2016

Deep vein thrombosis of the lower limb secondary to lumbar discal hernia compression: a rarity? Review of the literature

  • Di Cello P., Izzo S., Pugliese F., Di Poce I., Orsini A., Izzo L., Mazzone G., Biancucci F., Sinaimeri G., Valabrega S., Almansour M., Izzo P.
  • Clinical practice, 130-132
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  • This case report is about a 70-years-old female patient, suffering from discal hernia, with compression of the iliac vein, that led to the formation of deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs. The angio-CT scan revealed the starting point of the L4- L5 compression where a voluminous discal hernia caused deep vein thrombosis, with the involvement the femoro-popliteal venous axis. Blood samples and PET-CT scans excluded other possible etiologic factors. This case demonstrates how a voluminous discal hernia can cause venous thrombosis.

  • KEY WORDS: Deep vein thrombosis - Discal hernia - Lower limb.