VOLUME 37 - NUMBER 1 - 2016

Pioneering technique using Acellular Dermal Matrix in the rescue of a radiation ulcer

  • Naseem S., Patel A.D., Devalia H.
  • Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 46-48
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  • Background. Radiotherapy as an adjuvant to mastectomy is integral to the treatment of breast cancer, but can result in skin ulceration. Skin ulceration following radiotherapy is traditionally managed by removing the implant and allowing the skin to heal by secondary intention.

    Case report. A 42-year-old woman underwent radiotherapy following a breast reconstruction. She developed a 2 x 3cm radiation ulcer. The ulcer was managed by removing the implant and performing capsulectomy. A Beckers 50 expander was placed and reinforced with acellular dermal matrix inferolaterally. At follow-up the patient had a good cosmetic outcome.

    Conclusion. Post-radiation skin ulcers present a challenge to treat with no current standardised management. The use of acellular dermal matrix may present a new technique to promote healing in these testing cases.

  • KEY WORDS: Breast Cancer - Radiotherapy - Chronic ulcer - Acellular dermal matrix.