VOLUME 37 - NUMBER 1 - 2016

Large retroperitoneal abscess extended to the inferior right limb secondary to a perforated ileal Crohn's disease: the importance of the multidisciplinary approach

  • Mascolino A., Scerrino G., Gullo R., Genova C., Melfa G.I., Raspanti C., Fontana T., Falco N., Porrello C., Gulotta G.
  • Clinical practice, 37-41
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  • The typical complications of Crohn’s disease concerns small and large bowel. The full thickness inflammation of the intestinal wall develops in strictures, fistulas and abdominal abscesses. Nowadays the most accepted therapeutic for intra-abdominal abscess option is antibiotic therapy and, in case of need, percutaneous drainage of the abscess. If the abscess passes through the pelvic foramen the abscess can involve the inferior limbs. We report a case a perforation of terminal ileum in Crohn’s disease complicated by a large abscess of the right iliac fossa reaching the spaces between the anterior lateral muscles of the right thigh as far as the anterior lateral pre-tibial region. We discuss the diagnostic and therapeutic options in a multidisciplinary context.

  • KEY WORDS: Retroperitoneal abscess - Crohn's disease - Inflammatory bowel disease - Complications.