VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 7-8 - 2014

Laparoscopic management of left paraduodenal hernia. Case report and review of literature

  • Assenza M., Rossi D., Rossi G., Reale C., Simonelli L., Romeo V., Guerra F., Modini C.
  • Clinical practice, 185-189
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  • We report a rare case of left paraduodenal hernia in patient with symptoms of abdominal subobstruction treated successful with laparoscopic management in urgent situation that have reduced the length of stay and postoperative pain. Internal hernia is only 1% of the causes of abdominal obstruction and the left paraduodenal hernia about 50% of them; it is a congenital defect that derive from malrotation and abnormal mesenteric adhesion. The modern imaging techniques help for the correct diagnosis despite difficult identification of the pathology for the various clinical presentation. The treatment of choice is the surgical intervention; the laparoscopic approach is rarely described in literature but it can reduce the morbidity, postoperative pain and the length of hospital stay.

  • KEY WORDS: Paraduodenal - Hernia - Obstruction - Laparoscopic - Congenital.