VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 5-6 - 2014

Unusual isolated tubercolous epididymitis. Case report

  • Dell'Atti L.
  • Clinical practice, 134-136
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  • We present an unusual case of tuberculous epididymitis in a 33-year-old African patient, who was referred to our Department of Urology with a right intrascrotal mass. There was no evidence of fever, hematuria, dysuria or symptoms from the lower urinary tract. The patient did not demonstrate any laboratory signs of inflammation (white blood cells, C reactive protein). Scrotal sonography revealed a solid heterogeneous, hypoecoic lesion between the epididymal head and the upper testis pole, with disruption of the architecture of the testicular parenchyma. Strong ultrasound suspicion of tuberculous etiology was confirmed by epididymectomy and partial orchiectomy. The patient started an antitubercular treatment. Although rare, epididymal TB may be the only clinically evident location of infection. Clinical suspicion and prompt diagnosis are important because earlier treatment can prevent complications and lead to clinical improvement.

  • KEY WORDS: Epididymis - Testis - Epididymal orchitis - Tuberculosis - Surgery - Genitourinary - Ultrasound.