VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 3-4 - 2014

Posthepatectomy liver failure after simultaneous versus staged resection of colorectal cancer and synchronous hepatic metastases*

  • Patrono D., Paraluppi G., Perino M., Palisi M., Migliaretti G., Berchialla P., Romagnoi R., Salizzoni M.
  • Selection of papers from the “Best Communication Award”, 086-093
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  • Background. Posthepatectomy liver failure (PHLF) is the third most frequent complication and the major cause of postoperative mortality after resection of colorectal cancer liver metastases (CRLM). In case of synchronous resectable CRLM, it is still unclear if surgical strategy (simultaneous versus staged resection of colorectal cancer and hepatic metastases) influences the incidence and severity of PHLF. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of surgical strategy on PHLF and on the early and long-term outcome.

    Patients and Methods. Retrospective study on 106 consecutive patients undergoing hepatectomy for synchronous CRLM between 1997 and 2012.

    Results. Of 106 patients, 46 underwent simultaneous resection and 60 had staged hepatectomy. The rate of PHLF was similar between groups (16.7% vs 15.2%; p=1) and subgroup analysis restricted to patients undergoing major hepatectomy confirmed this observation (31.8% vs 23.8%; p=0.56). Propensity-score analysis showed that preoperative total bilirubin level and the amount of intra-operative blood transfusion were independently associated with an increased risk of PHLF. Nevertheless, the risk of severe PHLF (grade B - C) was increased in patients who underwent simultaneous resection and major hepatectomy (OR: 4.82; p=0.035). No significant differences were observed in severe (Dindo – Clavien 3 – 4) postoperative morbidity (23.9% vs 20.0%; p=0.64) and survival (3 and 5-year survival: 55% and 34% vs 56% and 33%; p=0.83).

    Conclusions. The risk of PHLF is not associated with surgical strategy in the treatment of synchronous CRLM. Nevertheless, the risk of severe PHLF is increased in patients undergoing simultaneous resection and major hepatectomy.

  • KEY WORDS: Liver resection - Liver failure - Colorectal hepatic metastases - Liver remnant - Propensity score.