VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 3-4 - 2014

An unusual case of multiple and bilateral ovarian dermoid cysts. Case report

  • Pepe F., Lo Monaco S., Rapisarda F., Raciti G., Genovese C., Pepe P.
  • Clinical practice, 075-077
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  • Objective. Multiple and bilateral ovarian dermoid cysts constitute a very unusual report. We report an rare case of a woman with three ovarian dermoid cyst, two localized in the same ovary, detected by US examination and removed by laparoscopy.

    Case report. A patient aged 29 years, para 0, gravida 0, was referred to our hospital with pain of the right adnexal region. Gynaecological examination showed an antiverted uterus with normal volume; on the right side a mobile mass approximately 7 cms in diameter was palpable, moreover the left ovary was normal. Ultrasound examination showed a normal uterus. The right ovary presented two complex masses of 7 and 3 cm in diameter, respectively; moreover, the left ovary showed a hyperechogenic complex mass of 3 cm in diameter. The ultrasound pattern was compatible with bilateral ovarian dermoid cysts. On laparoscopy abdominal cavity and uterus were normal, while the right ovary presented two masses and the left ovary a small mass which were enucleated and removed. The patient had an uncomplicated postoperative recovery and was discharged two day after laparoscopy. Pathologic examination confirmed the diagnosis of ovarian dermoid cysts. A one year follow-up showed no evidence of recurrence.

    Conclusion. The case reported shows that exceptionally multiple and bilateral dermoid cysts may be detected underlining the importance of an accurate preoperative diagnostic imaging. Some recurrence of ovarian dermoid cists may be due to undiagnosed small dermoid cists during preoperative imaging and/or surgical exploration.

  • KEY WORDS: Ovarian tumor - Dermoid cyst - Surgery - Pelvic pain - Ovary - Pelvic ultrasound.