VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 3-4 - 2014

An early onset of acute renal failure in a young woman with obesity and infertility who underwent gastric balloon positioning. A case report

  • Milone M., Maietta P., Bianco P., Pisapia A., Gaudioso D., Coretti G., Milone F., Musella M.
  • Clinical practice, 073-074
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  • Introduction. Although intragastric balloons have been in use for several years to achieve weight reduction in obese patients, acute renal failure after gastric ballon positioning is reported in few studies

    Case report. A 32-year-old white infertile woman undergone Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB) positioning in an attempt to weight loss and improve her fertility status. After only six days of persisting vomiting acute renal failure was found. A complete recovery of renal function was obtained after 14 days.

    Conclusion. Acute renal failure was due to persistent vomiting leading to dehydration. Physicians involved in BIB patients management must consider the possibility of major complications in all hyperemetic subjects. BIB removal, with a concomitant intravenous fluid replacement and minerals or vitamins supplementation has to be taken into account as an emergency procedure.

  • KEY WORDS: Renal failure - Gastric balloon - Vomiting - Obesity.