VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 11-12 - 2014

Severe rectal bleeding following PPH-stapler procedure for haemorroidal disease

  • Ammendola M., Sammarco G., Carpino A., Ferrari F., Vescio G., Sacco R.
  • Clinical practice, 290-292
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  • PPH-stapler procedure for treatment of haemorrhoidal prolapse classified P4E4 is an important improvement, but may be followed by severe postoperative complications of which haemorrhage is one of the most serious early events. We report a case of double severe rectal bleeding following PPH-stapler procedure for haemorrhoidal disease classified P4E4 according to PATE 2000 (circumferential prolapse). A 48 years old female patient was presented to our attention. She was affected by haemorrhoidal prolapse P4E4, constipation and rectal bleeding. PPH-procedure is a technique for management of the haemorrhoidal disease. Postoperative complications may be serious and haemorrhage is the most important early complication.

  • KEY WORDS: Haemorroidal disease - Bleeding - PPH procedure.