VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 11-12 - 2014

Laparoscopic resection of a jejunal mesenteric pseudocyst: case report

  • Resta G., Tartarini D., Fabbri N., Bianchini E., Anania G.
  • Clinical practice, 279-282
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  • Mesenteric cysts are rare and can occur at any age. They can manifest with abdominal pain or compressive mass effect. The exact etiology is unknown. Ultrasonography, computed tomography and laparoscopy are used in diagnosing mesenteric cysts. Laparoscopic excision of a mesenteric cyst is possible and should be considered as the treatment of choice. We present a case of mesenteric pseudocyst of small bowel treated by laparoscopic excision.

  • KEY WORDS: Mesenteric pseudocyst - Laparoscopic surgery - Jejunal surgery.