VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 9-10 - 2013

Transcutaneous insertion of the Chitwood® clamp in case of minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Personal experience

  • Sansone F., Ceresa F., Patanè F.
  • Metodi, tecniche, farmaci, 278-279
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  • We describe a simple trick consisting of an insertion of a trans-thoracic Chitwood® clamp (Scanlan International, Inc, St Paul, MN, USA) through a small skin incision (<1cm), via the second intercostal space along the anterior axillary line, in case of minimally invasive mitral surgery, through right thoracotomy. This trick has been used in more than 100 patients and no complication or discomfort have been reported so far.

  • KEY WORDS: Chitwood clamp - Minimally invasive surgery.