VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 7-8 - 2013

Health technology assessment and thyroid surgery

  • Lucchini R., Sanguinetti A., Monacelli M., Triola R., Avenia S., Conti C., Santoprete S., Avenia N.
  • Articolo Clinico, 198-201
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  • The growth of technological innovation, the request for assistance, the rising patient’s expectations and the interest of the industry have led to a rise in the cost of health care systems. In this context the role of the National Health System is not to delay the development or adoption of new technologies, but rather to drive the development selecting priorities and promoting its use. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach for analyzing the medical-clinical, social, organizational, economic, ethical and legal implications of a technology (devices, drugs, procedures) through the assessment of multiple parameters such as effectiveness, safety, costs of the social and organizational impact. A health technology assessment is a comprehensive, systematic evaluation of the prerequisites for estimating the consequences of using health technology. Main characteristic of HTA is that the problem is tackled using an approach focused on four main elements: - technology; - patient; - organization; - economy. The authors have applied the HTA method for the analysis of the ultrasonic focus dissector on thyroid surgery. They compared the cost of the surgical procedure using the ultrasonic dissector and without it in a case study of 440 patients who underwent thyroidectomy.

  • KEY WORDS: HTA - Thyroid surgery.