VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 7-8 - 2013

Repair of the inguinal hernia using the hernia sac to correct the abdominal wall defect

  • Laizo A., De Fonseca Delgado F.E., Terzella M.R., Lázaro da Silva A.
  • Original Article, 195-197
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  • Surgery of the inguinal hernia is a challenge for the great incidence of recurrences. The aim of this study is demonstrate the usefulness of hernia sac in the repair of inguinal hernia. In 200 patients the hernia sac was used to reinforce the abdominal wall. The patients have been observed two years along and still now few recurrences (20%) have been observed. The hernia sac can be used to repair the inguinal hernia because it’s a patient’s tissue with no inflammation and rejection.

  • KEY WORDS: Inguinal hernia - Hernia sac - Biologic prosthesis.