VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 5-6 - 2013

Incidental gallbladder carcinoma: our experience

  • Panebianco A., Volpi A., Lozito C., Prestera A., Ialongo P., Palasciano N.
  • Clinical practice, 167-169
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  • Aim. Gallbladder carcinoma is an uncommon cancer with a poor prognosis. In the era of laparoscopic cholecistectomy for treatment of benign diseases incidental gallbladder carcinoma has dramatically increased and now constitutes the major way patients present with gallbladder cancer and allows to detect cancer at early stages with a better prognosis. In this single-center study we report our experience with gallbladder carcinoma incidentally diagnosed during or after laparoscopic colecistectomy performed for cholelithiasis.

    Methods. From January 2003 to December 2011 a total of 1193 patients underwent cholecistectomy at General Surgical Unit III of University of Bari. The patients were 458 males and 735 females, mean age was 52 years (range 19-91). In 6 of 1188 patients adenocarcinoma was present in the pathologic specimens (0,5%).

    Results. Of 1188 patients in whom laparoscopic cholecistectomy was attempted adenocarcinoma was diagnosed histopathologically in 6 cases (0,5%). There was no suspicion of malignancy to any of them. Intraoperatively, gallbladder wall appeared abnormal in one patients and frozen section analysis revealed adenocarcinoma. In the remaining 5 cases routine histopathological studies revealed the diagnosis of gallbladder carcinoma. One patient had T1 tumor, two had T2 and three had T3 tumor.

    Conclusions. In the present study the rate of incidental gallbladder carcinoma was 0,5%, according to the published English language literature. The risk factors widely related to the gallbladder cancer are advanced age and gallstones disease. The therapeutic approach to gallbladder cancer was applied according to the stage of tumor, but in our study this was possible only in two patients with T2 and T3 tumor since high risk and important comorbidities were the main causes for the refusal of 3 patient out of 5. Only the T1 patient underwent simple cholecystectomy. Similar to other reports in this single-center study the diagnosis of incidental gallbladder carcinoma was found to be of 0,5%, thus the diagnosis of gallbladder stones is an indication to the cholecystectomy.

  • KEY WORDS: Incidental - Gallbladder - Carcinoma - Laparoscopy.