VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 5-6 - 2013

Differentiated thyroid tumors: surgical indications

  • Lucchini R., Monacelli M., Santoprete S., Triola R., Conti C., Pecoriello R., Favoriti P., Patrizi M.S., Barillaro I., Boccolini A., Avenia S., D'Ajello M., Sanguinetti A., Avenia N.
  • Clinical practice, 153-157
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  • Thyroid gland tumors represent 1% of malignant tumors. In Italy their incidence is in constant growth. The aggressiveness depends on the histological type. The relative non-aggressive grade of different forms of tumors is the basis for discussing the treatment of choice: total thyroidectomy vs lobectomy with or without lymphadenectomy of the sixth level in the absence of metastasis. Authors report about their experience, and they advocate, given the high percentage of multicentric forms, total thyroidectomy as treatment of choice.

  • KEY WORDS: Thyroid - Differentiated tumor - Surgery.